Shipping Policy

☕🚀 Embark on the Right On Roasters Adventure! 🚀☕

Welcome to the world of Right On Roasters, where coffee and shipping weave a tale of excitement and personalized perfection! 🌟

🌈 Brewed-to-Order Coffee Bliss: Your coffee experience is a personal masterpiece, freshly roasted daily just for you. Because, hey, you're worth it! Need a tweak? No worries – hit us up at with your order#, and watch the magic unfold. Heads up, though: Once the beans hit perfection, no more playing – it's on its way!

📦 Elite Carrier Crew: Meet our trusty trio – USPS, UPS, and FED EX – on a mission to ensure your coffee adventure reaches you by peak freshness. From the moment we finish roasting your order we ship within 48 hours. Ship and delivery, it's a 1-5 business day journey, leading to the pinnacle of coffee bliss. The wait? Totally worth it! 😌☕

🚀 No Need for Speed: Sorry, speed demons – no express shipping here. We're all about keeping it real and steering clear of false expectations. Internationally curious coffee lovers, for now, we're keeping the love local.

And for everything else on our site, here's the scoop:

🌟 Personalized Production Magic: Each item is crafted just for you, one at a time, ensuring the best quality. We're on the grind from Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Times, with no holiday shenanigans (the Post Office needs breaks too).

Time Travel Breakdown:

  • Processing & Production: Most orders take a dance on the production floor within 4-7 business days. Designing, printing, packaging – it's all part of the magical routine.
  • Shipping Time Estimates (Including Production):
    • Shirts: 10-16 Days (Worth the wait for that perfect fit!)
    • Hoodies: 10-20 Days (Because cozy style takes time!)
    • Other Printed Products (Home Decor, Accessories, etc): 10-16 Days (Home sweet home, here it comes!)

Get ready for the ultimate coffee and shipping adventure – your orders are on the way to make a grand entrance! 🌟📦 #RightOnRoastersAdventure