Return Policy


🎉 Right On Roasters Returns! 🎉

For Our Coffee: ☕

🚚 Damaged Product Solution: Get ready for a smooth fix! If your coffee arrives damaged, snap some pics of the injured goods and the mailer. Let us know ASAP, and we'll send you a replacement faster than you can say "espresso"!

🌈 Any Other Coffee Concerns: All sales are final, but if your coffee joy isn't at its peak, hit us up. We're here to sprinkle some happiness into your cup! ☕✨

For Everything Else on Our Site: 🎁

🌟 1. Cancel/Modify Option: In the realm of informed choices, you've got a 24-hour golden ticket to tweak or cancel. Once the printing press starts, we're locked in! So, adjust those notes within the first 24 hours, and let the symphony play!

🎨 2. Not Your Vision? No Problem! If your non-coffee item doesn't match your dreams – wrong color, design, size, style, or quality – hit us up with proof! Send a pic to, and we'll send you a replacement, no extra charge. Keep the original as an inspired surprise!

💃 3. Exchange Process: Made a size/design/color conundrum? We get it, we're human! Toss in a few beans to cover handling and shipping:

  • Product under $30: $10
  • Product from $30 to $50: $20
  • Product from $50 to $100: $30
  • Product over $100: $40

No need to ship it back; just email us at, let us know your preference, and we'll whip up a new order – easy as sipping on your favorite brew!

🎭 4. Damaged/Faulty Solution: Oops, a quality hiccup? No worries! Keep the damaged item, gift it, or donate it. Email us at, attach a photo, and if we spot the damage, a fresh new item is yours, 100% free – ASAP!