Coffee Grading Criteria

Let's dive into the enchanting world of specialty coffee beans – the superheroes of the coffee universe! They don their capes based on factors like altitude, processing methods, and origin, determining their magical quality and flavor powers.

First off, meet Arabica and Robusta 

the dynamic duo of the coffee realm. Arabica, the high-class superstar, flaunts nuanced flavors from the Coffea arabica plant. On the other hand, Robusta, the robust buddy from the Coffee canephora plant, brings a bold, bitter profile with double the caffeine kick. They team up in blends, creating a symphony of flavors that would make even the most discerning taste buds do a happy dance.

Altitude of growth

is like the secret training ground for coffee plants. The higher they grow, the denser and more complex their flavor becomes. It's like the coffee beans go to coffee boot camp, emerging as flavor warriors ready to conquer your taste buds.

Now, let's talk processing methods

the magical spells that transform coffee cherries into the beans we love. There's the natural method, where beans sunbathe with their fruity friends; the washed method, a meticulous cleanse resulting in a brighter flavor; and the honey method, a sweet hybrid affair that leaves a honey-like kiss on your palate.

Origin is the coffee's hometown,

each region with its own flavor story. Ethiopian coffee is the life of the fruity and floral party, while Colombian coffee whispers sweet nothings with chocolate and nutty notes.

But wait, there's more!

Specialty coffee beans go through the ultimate superhero evaluation –


Certified tasters give them a score between 80 and 100 points, where 100 is the superhero cape-wearing pinnacle. Anything above 80 points is specialty grade, the coffee elite, free from defects and bursting with a complex flavor profile. This is the level of coffee you get from Right On Roasters. This level of coffee blooms in the cup and strategically arrives at your door step at peak freshness.

By understanding these coffee crusaders' origin stories and their rigorous training regimes, specialty coffee buyers become the ultimate bean connoisseurs. It's like having a coffee compass, guiding them to the most extraordinary brews in the vast coffee galaxy. It's a bit like a secret society for coffee enthusiasts they call the SCA.

The SCA Coffee Beans Classification is our backstage pass into this realm. Picture it as the coffee Olympics, judging beans based on their defect count and overall cup quality. It's like a beauty pageant, but for coffee beans!

Now, let's dive into the grades of coffee beans – the A-listers of the coffee world!

Grade 1: Specialty Coffee Beans - (This is the level of Right On Roasters Coffee Beans)

These are the rock stars of the coffee scene – no inherent defects, almost zero chance of insect damage, and a maximum of three defective qualities. When you sip on these, you should experience a party in your mouth – whether it's in taste, acidity, body, or aroma. No room for Quakers here; we're talking about beans, not rebellious individuals.

Grade 2: Premium Coffee Beans

These are the celebs you'll find in your local coffee shops. Similar to Grade 1, but they can have up to six defective qualities. Still high-class, just a little more forgiving. It's like the difference between front row seats and second row seats at a concert.

Grade 3: Exchange Coffee Beans

These are the beans that supermarkets grab for their own brew. They're 50% above the screening level, and a maximum of 5 Quakers is allowed. Not the red carpet, but still a decent show.

Grade 4: Standard Coffee Beans

Think of these as the coffee equivalent of your comfy, old t-shirt – not fancy, but gets the job done. Quality and taste aren't their strong suits, with 24 to 86 full defects per 300g. You'll still get a caffeine fix, though!

Grade 5: Off-Grade Coffee Beans

Avoid these like the plague. These are the beans you wouldn't want to invite to your coffee party – more than 86 full defects per batch. It's like they didn't even try to fit in.

Now, do these grades matter to your average coffee drinker? Not really. But, if you're ready to elevate your coffee experience, join Right On Roasters. Our Specialty Grade Blends are the rock concert your taste buds have been waiting for – medium-dark roast, well-bodied, and boasting sweet notes. Our 6 Bean Espresso offering is very intentionally created for a great espresso without being oily and clogging up the average grinder.

Skip the coffee aisle drama, order online from us here at Right On Roasters, and treat yourself to a specialty grade coffee experience delivered to your doorstep!